Reason 1: Everything. PES 2019 Master League is so much better than FIFA 19 Career Mode it’s a JOKE. Here’s some of the features that make it, by far, the better option for offline-based football fans.

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  1. What about transfer market which is broken, I am a huge fan of PES but transfer market is broken as well as players dont communicate with you like for example in FIFA via mails

  2. Pes would be so much more fun if the coach mode actually gave realistic results. I watched 4 games between Man City and Hobro, where I hopefully expected Man City to dominate the game completely. But none of the games City won with more than 1 goal. And the possession and shoots on target where almost the same.

  3. i agree all of the list but…
    the game sucks and thats why fifa wins every year. people should stop buying fifa but everybody knows that will never happen.

  4. Master League is shit, all teams play the same.. not enough tactical options and just selecting the squad (and substitutions) is a pain in the arse (I play with mouse and keyboard and ONLY watch games).. ML is boring.
    Watched a few matches, then uninstalled.. AI is horrible and see no difference between a 70 or 90 player.. none.

  5. I want to love PES, but I just can’t. I have PES19 and the graphics are amazing. And it is a great game to play for the first few days then you see the problems Konami have failed to fix. Such as the tackling. How you can be fouled for even going near an opposition player, and how you can go for weeks without even winning a free kick or penalty. And not just that, it seems 1 of every 3 shots the opposition have end up as a goal. It’s still completely unplayable.

  6. The way Arsenal defense runs back to their penalty area completely abandoning any midfield balance and giving the Liverpool attackers miles of space is ridiculous. If PES gameplay from the CPU was up to snuff, the game would be amazing.

  7. I just can’t go back to PES until they stop recycling players. It maybe the best football simulator but when has having old players come back as young players been realistic?? It completely spoils the game for me. I’ll stay with FIFA until they change that.

  8. Isn't the best football game something that is very basic? Something that doesn't try too hard with lots of freedom since the actual football game is created by the players playing it. And simulating the off ball players shudnt be too hard especially not making them do nonsense.

  9. I want to tell everyone that I sold fifa 19 and bought pes the graphic was amazing the gameplay slow but good as well but just one reason brought me back to fifa..it was the online player search it took sometimes over 5 min and sometimes it doesn't found anyone I mean come on its the newest pes.
    For me is online everything it was very disappointing but not only this by myclub I couldn't buy players or change my formation..

  10. Was FIFA through and through. Had a friend who was total PES. I played about 5 games against him and haven't picked up a copy of FIFA since 2006. You can update PES to be accurate with the teams but you cant make FIFA not shit.

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