5 reasons you should play Darwin Project instead of Fortnite or PUBG

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The latest battle royale game, Darwin Project is releasing in early access tomorrow (well, actually today since I’m a pleb and take forever to publish a video) and I wanted to share 5 reasons why I think you should play Darwin Project instead of Fortnite or PUBG. You had to expect a Darwin Project vs Fortnite vs PUBG video at some point, right? Here are some reasons why I think it’s the best battle…

41 thoughts on “5 reasons you should play Darwin Project instead of Fortnite or PUBG

  1. Hey for further videos I recommend being careful with what you say. You kept speaking about players with terms like "him" and "he" and there may be females playing. Not having a go at you because sometimes stuff like that can be effected by what just happened (you may have just been playing with a male director) but just be careful

  2. Wow, having to harvest crap(grind) and 10-player maps presented as an advantage. That’s some advanced mental gymnastics.

    I’m 99% sure they have smaller maps simply due to lacking technical expertise required to implement bigger ones with decent performance.

  3. Downloaded this game today! After playing 5 matches I'm throwing them the 19.99 for their founders pack thing. Gotta support a good game, now lets hope they don't pull the shit the Culling did

  4. Another reason about darwin project is better than fornite is that if u shot a player in fornite it can only do 7 damage but in darwin project the shot does the same damage wherever you hit ur opponent unless its a head and darwin project doesnt have blur because it doesn't have guns

  5. Everyone's so triggered in the comment section which is quite hilarious. It's so pointless to compare it to Fortnite, it was even announced BEFORE Fortnite came into existence. They are too far apart to compare, and it's mostly compared only because of the cartoony artstyle – and there are only so many ways to pull that off that can be actually taken seriously. I will personally pick the hunt this game provides over the building battles, and none of you triggered people can do shit about it that I will also decide to enjoy the slower and more cautious combat as well.

    Afterall, it's my personal preference. Like it is your personal preference what you spend your time with.

  6. Pubg is trash and fortnite gets a little stale when you play it over and over again and there are to many youtubers playing fortnite and it gets boring to watch over and over

  7. This game is kinda bad in my opinion, I have about 4 hours of gameplay in it and am damn good at it.. But mostly because the show director always favors me and gives me everything I need and buffs me like crazy lol. They should of known it’d be abused. Realm Royale is 100% going to compete with this game and it looks like it’s going to win that battle with the way things are going currently.

    I do play PUBG every day, and love it but I don’t think PUBG or Fortnite can be compared to DP since they’re very different. DP doesn’t feel much like a Battle Royale at all, more like a 10 player FFA wearing the Battle Royale tag to get players.

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