5 PRO TIPS For Looting Military Base In Battlegrounds (PUBG)

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds 5 Tips for guaranteed level 3 loot.This top 5 plays tips in Player Unknown Battlegrounds will give you the best guide to the military base and the best places to land in battlegrounds. If this loot guide helps you in solo, duo or group battlegrounds let me know in the comments. For more PlayerUnknown’s videos click here:



21 thoughts on “5 PRO TIPS For Looting Military Base In Battlegrounds (PUBG)

  1. The MB is way overrated. You have a small chance of getting a level III helmet/armor if it spawns but you have to fight allot of players so by the time you come out (if you do make it out which is a very low probability), you've often gone through most of your ammo/meds/armor points anyway. If you land at the base when it's late on in the flight path then whilst there's not as many people to fight, you'll usually be far away from the next circle spawn meaning you will need to find a vehicle which in turn, will mean dealing with the bridge campers which is next to impossible to get through by car/bike. I much prefer dropping into medium risk medium reward areas such as the apartments next to the school and kill players to get my gear. It's about working smart not hard in this game.

    The only reason why you'd want to drop into really hot areas is if you're playing more for kills than you are the win. Dropping hot is allot of fun although it's not something I do when I'm playing for the chicken dinner

  2. Lmao!! Where did his M4 go from the building he dropped at? Oh I know he dropped it on the ground ran back and acted like he found it. I mean come on he didn't even care to put some ammo by it!

  3. i landed where u said got noting but an ump then when lower down to the other place got a m16 and supreser then i killed a guy that had a car got awey then in the end i got a air drop got a sniper killed some guys and won with the ump i got 😀 and got 6 kills 😀 gg wp

  4. Clickbait title and the barracks (but you don't know that they're barracks, you call them apartments) are a terrible place to loot early game – everyone goes there and the roofs are overexposed.

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