5 BEST Building + Editing Drills For Console Fortnite! (Battle Royale Building Tips)

This video today is going to be a collection of helpful building and editing drills designed specifically for console Fortnite. Now that instant editing is possible on console due to the new custom bindings feature I can finally show you guys a nice mix of some really helpful building and editing drills. A lot of people always ask me how to improve building or editing speed and the truth is that building and editing drills are really your best option. They not only teach you specific…

36 thoughts on “5 BEST Building + Editing Drills For Console Fortnite! (Battle Royale Building Tips)

  1. You have the best commentary man, well done all of your videos are top notch. You have personally won me many games keep it up, and thanks for the tips/advice!!!

  2. Hey Gronky new subscriber here. Would you say this video is up to date currently where fortnite is at right now? And thanks for the tips on editing I’ll be working on them in the playground. I want to use edits more but I feel as if I panic if the situation and Harry Potter myself. But I know I want to make editing part of my game

  3. This video actually helped a lot!! I never build period for gameplay with resulted in low win count

    dedicating time to strictly practice building and editing alone immediately increased my KD!

    I wish you would take me under your wing, because I would seriously love to be 100% competitive and not just play to kill time

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