4 Underrated Fortnite Tips In 1 Video! (Season 8)

In this Video, I show you 4 Underrated Fortnite Tips & Tricks in season 8. Some of these are quite advanced but you don’t have to be a pro to understand how they work. I hope you enjoy the content and have an awesome day!


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30 thoughts on “4 Underrated Fortnite Tips In 1 Video! (Season 8)

  1. Which tip did you find most effective?

    I also realize you may have seen some of these tips before that's why I titled the video “underrated tips” because I wanted to show tips that people should be using more often!

  2. never lisen to dis guy dis moth f****** told me to do the piremid like a dorito and edit the dam walls wother f** dit it and dis guy just headshoted me there were like 5 poeple left and i have like 18 kils

  3. I dont understand why youre such an underrated fortnite creator, you make great tips and tricks videos and you explain them very clearly, i like your vids, keep up the great work 🙂

  4. Idk if you remember me or you forgot me sence you got a shout out from bcc, but I mean good job I remember when you commented on my vid I checked back at my vid I saw ur comment and I saw ur succes I highly doubt your gonna see this but if you do congrats. Also I remember when adirtblock commented on your vid both our dreams were to get yt rank lol, but yeah if you ever wanna play fort just add me my ign is ItzElxsilver

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