20 Things SMART PUBG Players Do! (#6 is mind blowing)

Want to get better at PUBG? This is a lightning round of 20 tips and tricks to help you get better at PUBG. If you play PUBG mobile, xbox, PS4 or PC, all these tips will apply to your game. Leave a LIKE if you want to see more!


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33 thoughts on “20 Things SMART PUBG Players Do! (#6 is mind blowing)

  1. Tip 1: whenever your fighting someone move to different spots so you can get a better angle on them
    Tip 2: always throw a smoke on air drops because there always somebody watching air drops
    Tip 3: make sure your at least half or full boosted at all times

  2. One thing i never really get with games like this is how fast you people are.

    Like seriously i'm not that old and by no means slow but you people make Usain Bolt look like an 85 year old guy with arthritis 🙂

  3. After 300 hours in this game, I'm starting to have some success and what made the difference for me was simply being patient. Sure, things like aiming well, picking your fights, checking corners etc is all a must but if I could give just one bit of advice, it would be to have patience.

    For example, when you hit the ground and loot a building or two, the temptation to engage other players quickly can be overwhelming if you don't have things like meds/good sights. This is where you're going to get killed a lot of the time as you're making noise which is giving away your position where other players will simply camp and get an easy kill, especially if they have a better weapon than you. It's far better to be stealthy and anticipate where players are going to move to where you can set up a trap and then take their gear.

    This plays into the kill mentality. Don't be too eager to get kills early to mid game as this will also get you killed. The kills will come late game when the players are confined to a smaller area.

  4. Well, I am speaking with my teammates about the weoponay, we want to use to speak it of and start a very tactical, nearly militant gameplay, and we are still in platin on mobile very successful with this, we give prioritys on equipment for every teammate and take all special roles like scout, anti vehicle and so on

  5. To Pubgm players I have good news for you all. Pubg Lite pc is available for free and now in beta. But for now it is only for some countries in Asia. Soon it will be available globally at steam!

  6. Hey man. I came across one of your videos and they're just so genuine and good, and your voice is so reassuring that I can't help leaving a like on every video I see of yours. And I subscribed of course.Great job man?

  7. Im one of the best pubg mobile players rn in the top 2% overall and i cannot stress #20 enough. I constantly pay attention to my surroundings and also i agree with the losimg fight thing. Ive left my whole squad before because i know it was a losing battle they lost and got the chicken dinner in the end

  8. I ever play at erangel with my squad
    First time, we land at severny, then my friend got buggy
    Then i found dacia, and somehow 2 other manage to found Jeep
    When we about to going into the safe zone, there's a bridge(you know, brigde around the rozhok) i somehow lag a little and i can't turn right for a while
    Then my sister just screaming…
    "Hey, there's a car with an enemy!"
    And the other screaming too
    I said "where!?"
    Then she said "behind you!"
    I turn around and then a Jeep just pass me
    And then we chase him
    All the way
    And then he give up after get collision with my team car
    I come out my car then shoot him

    Actually i just want to tell you when i playing with my squad and we split out, not on one car but 4
    But actually my friend call it funny moments because we chasing car
    And then just like…
    Imagination: we chase one car, a guy hiding on a ground and see 5 CAR ON THE ROAD CHASING EACH OTHER LOL

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