100 Tips and Tricks – Learn Everything | PUBG

Here it is, 100 tips and tricks to become a better PUBG player – this is everything that I could think of. Anything from neat settings to weird roof jumps.
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23 thoughts on “100 Tips and Tricks – Learn Everything | PUBG

  1. 0:27 | Max parachute depth – Hold “S” at any speed for ~2 seconds, then look down and hold “W”, this will make you reach the maximum depth regardless of speed.
    00:40 | Bridge camp spot – Video shows the spot. (Miirex)
    1:03 | Roof spot – Video shows the spot.
    1:22 | Sit in the same side – If you’re two players in a vehicle, sit in the same side. The driver will most likely prioritize himself and stop to have the car covering him.
    1:28 | Switch gun while driving/swimming – Dragging your weapon slots across each other, will determine which gun you hold when you leave a car / getting up from a swim.
    1:37 | Jump diving – You do not take fall damage by jumping from high altitude into water. Unless the server is under heavy load and causes a lot of desync.
    1:46 | Don’t get knocked in water – You’ll drown while being knocked, crawl out the water if possible before getting helped up.
    2:08 | Shoot tires for cover – If you’re in a bad situation, you can take out the tires of your vehicle to get more cover – and less of a chance of being hit while prone.
    2:19 | Disable character render – Increases FPS for most players.
    2:31 | Do not trust any vehicles – They will betray you.
    2:43 | Airdrop drop time – Flat ground lands slower than on a mountain, as the plane has the exact same height every time.
    2:59 | Crouch in shallow water – Crouch running while being in shallow water will make you move faster.
    3:14 | Small weapon top slot – Pulling a weapon out from your first weapon slot, drags it over the shoulder, secondary slot drags it by the waist. (Easier to spot if you're hiding in a bush.) Keep the smallest weapon in the top slot.
    3:22 | BHOP backwards – Bunny hopping allows you to move faster backwards, while still spotting for potential enemies. Simply spam jump while moving backwards.
    3:29 | Unflip car with nade – Sometimes it works, sometimes it blows. Proceed with caution.
    3:39 | Zeroing on thumb buttons – If you want to get good with zeroing, this is a very easy way to learn how to do it and get comfortable doing it.
    3:46 | Avoid flashbangs – If a flash is thrown at you, look away and you will only have to deal with the loud noise.
    3:55 | View distance – Does not affect player models, only environment like grass. Use very low. (Scrollax)
    4:07 | Drop backpack late game – Late game you won’t have any use for your backpack, get rid of it and become a stealthy ninja, you won’t need 200 beans and 27 first aid kits.
    4:22 | Bait with goodies – Placing bait/traps is a good way to throw an enemy player off of his/hers game, thinking the area has yet to be looted.
    4:33 | 3rd person camera – Breaking windows will allow you to third person with the camera and see more outside.
    4:45 | Mark before jump – Sometimes you get thrown out facing a wierd angle, set a mark to help you locate your landing zone.
    4:57 | Max parachute speed – 234 km/h is the max parachute speed
    5:04 | Tour de Bunkers – Take your vehicle through the bunkers, and loot with on the go.
    5:25 | Swim faster – It’s faster to swim below the water than above. (apopk4)
    5:32 | Jump on hills – It’s a little faster on steep hills, and more silent. Simply spam jump, will be fixed in 1.0.
    5:40 | Up and down in water – Pressing C while swimming will make your character dive instantly, pressing spacebar will spit you back up.
    5:49 | Map details – The Yellow squares indicates 1000 M. (1 KM) while the white squares indicates 100 M.
    5:59 | Leave game without penalty – Before you get in the plane you’re safe to leave the game, without any impact on your rating.
    6:03 | 2 ways 2 nade – Clicking right click will toggle which of the two ways you'll be throwing your grenade.
    6:09 | Loot on the go – Drag or press “F” on items while running over them
    6:15 | Use alt key in bushes – Holding ALT will only move your head when you sit in a bush, and not your entire body. This makes you harder to spot.
    6:26 | Roof jump – Video shows the spot.
    6:43 | Cook grenades – Grenades have a 5 second timer, count in your head to make the best timed throw. Flashbangs are quicker.
    6:53 | Jump out of boats – You can exit boats at full speed going in a straight line, doing it while turned will most likely get you killed.
    7:02 | Split loot stacks – There's two ways to do this: CTRL + Drag it out and CTRL + Right Click. You can mark the amount with your mouse or CTRL+A.
    7:18 | Full boost meter – The almost perfect amount for the heal/sprint meter is 1 Painkillers and 1 Energy drink. Starting with the Painkillers.
    7:34 | Peak left and right – 3PP – To change which shoulder you're peeking with, simply press Q or E while holding down Right Mouse Button.
    7:42 | Turn brake lights off – Jump out at very low speed to get the brake lights turned off.
    7:54 | Run while boosting – You can run before your healing is done, at 0.5 without cancelling the effect.
    8:00 | Heal and move – If you’re exposed while healing, move a little bit to reduce the odds of being hit. You can also spam crouch.
    8:06 | Control the bikes – With CTRL, SPACE, Q and E in the air.
    8:14 | Tour de apartments – Use your bike to travel to new luxurious locations. See video for example.
    8:27 | Buggy boost – You can reach top speed with the buggy without using boost.
    8:34 | Can’t shoot through water – But you can kill them with a grenade. (tombull89)
    8:41 | Punch tires – A tire can be punched out.
    8:50 | Buggy brake light spawns on
    8:55 | Mute game – If you don’t want to go deaf at the age of 5, use CTRL + M to mute the game while in the lobby and plane. This will be fixed in patch 1.0.
    9:04 | Smokes are client side – Meaning, the opponent will have a different smoke than the one you see, so one of you might have an advantage. This will be fixed in patch 1.0.
    9.16 | Click attachments – Right clicking your attachments will make it faster to equip/unequip them.
    9:28 | Queue the bandages – Using your bandages in a chain is a waste, pop the next after the 2nd tick of the previous.
    9:51 | Suppressor does not give compensation – See video for proof.
    10:02 | Jumping out of moving vehicles – Does no longer work, save the pain, don’t be like me.
    10:18 | Spawn island loot disappears – When the game begins, and regular loot is placed on the island.
    10:23 | 10 second revive – It takes 10 seconds to get a team member up and going again.
    10:37 | Footsteps ground floor versus upstairs – Different sounds, see video for example.
    10:50 | Shoes and barefeet – Different sounds, see video for example.
    11:02 | Crossbow scope – Indicators are 50, 100 and 200 meters.
    11:16 | Don’t run/drive in a straight line – If you’re in a open field, change your running path so snipers hopefully miss their shot on you. (Sasha)
    11:24 | Don’t shoot right away – Take your time, get the perfect shot. Try to predict what they might be doing next – what would you do?
    11:34 | Crouch jump – Easiest way to do it, is placing your finger in between spacebar + c, and click at the same time with 1 finger. Will be gone in patch 1.0.
    11:53 | AKM spray is garbage – Can we all just agree on this.
    12:02 | Red dot vs holo – In patch 1.0 you can turn up the brightness, but right now the red dot is hard to see against light backgrounds compared to the holographic sight.
    12:16 | Drunk bridge architect – Not a tip, scammed.
    12:20 | Jump on rooftops in Pochinki – Use it to jump around and keep Gotham safe.
    12:55 | Keep compensator – A compensator will almost always be better in the end in a 1v1. And will also be better to have on if you’re driving or running in an open area where another player is more likely to shoot first.
    13:11 | S12K Attachments – Can attach 8x, 15x and suppressor to this bad boy.
    13:18 | Dropping guns with no room – Will drop all the ammo on the ground too, if you have room, the ammo will go in your inventory.
    13:27 | See your snips – Holding left click after taking a sniper shot, will keep you scoped and able to see a far shot and adjust accordingly.
    13:43 | Level 3 helmet – Helmets are important late game, a low health level 3 helmet is still better than a full health level 2, as it can save you from a kar98 headshot late game.
    13:55 | Level 3 backpack – You will never have the use for the entire room of a level 3 backpack in Solo Queue, stick to a level 2, it makes it easier to hide in the terrain.
    14:16 | Tough fence – Drive faster than 60 km/h to take these bad boys down.
    14:35 | Punch out tires – I accidently put this twice, lul nub. Bonus tip at the bottom.
    14:40 | 1 Tire is not enough – Vehicles can still be driven with 1 tire shot, it’s a bit drifty – but it’s doable.
    14:51 | First person – 3PP – Use 1st person view in 3rd person, can help you spot those darn airdrops easier from bushes.
    14:59 | 3-Seater bike is a death trap – Statement.
    15:09 | Get on the outer wall – By jumping out the plane and parachuting right away, you can get on the wall surrounding the island – this is completely useless and the circle will kill you.
    15:22 | Bind auto run – Works while swimming too, but not driving.
    15:31 | Boat to spawn island – You can still go there by boat after the game begins.
    15:42 | Spawn island loot nerfed – They did this to bring more loot to Khameski.
    15:52 | Unreachable airdrops – If the circle reaches beyond the map, the airdrop can land on a big invisible wall and will be unobtainable.
    16:05 | Call your color – In squads, call your color instead of your name. It makes it a lot easier to coordinate with your team. (EXPAttack)
    16:19 | Voice chats – CTRL + T to mute, CTRL + Y to change channels. Saves you the time of going to the menu every time.
    16:26 | Bring loot for team – Early game, loot all attachments and hook your team members up in the end of your looting spree.
    16:43 | Unflip car with a car – Simply ram that sucker.
    16:55 | Catch the first drop – Drive to the center of the first circle ASAP, wait for the drop – go get it.
    17:22 | Players are greedy – Example in video.

  2. he did show the punching tires twice but some people had there audio off cause they did not listen to what he said.Here's what he said
    1st time:
    if u are in a situation where u are using vehicle as a cover and u do not have gun then break the tires as this will lower the vehicle and u will not be able to get shot below the vehicle
    2nd time:
    if u wanna make it difficult for your enemy to escape then break all the tires as breaking only one or two still allows your enemy to escape with vehicle.

    the guy did a fantastic job making this video.

  3. I feel for new players coming into this game. The game has matured and levelled out to a point where what you now have is mainly experienced players who have been playing since beta or close to it. Most players you'll come up against know the game like the back of their hand. They know all the loot/vehicle spawns, they know the weapons and when to use what weapon, they know the little tricks such as jumping off of the apartments onto the second floor to get a better weapons before you come down the stairs with your pistol lol, they know the map and terrain inside out along with maximum parachuting efficiency meaning they can get anywhere as quickly as is possible, they know the direction that players will most likely be coming from, they know the circle strategies etc etc.

    The SR's are OP in this game and will one shot even a level 2 helmet and this is what you'll be dealing with allot of the time. They know the best loot spots with the highest probability of getting an SR. You won't even see the player who kills you allot of the time. They definitely need to re-balance the SR's in this game. A level two helmet should be able to withstand one head shot although your health should then be depleted to something like 10%/20%. If you get it tot he face then sure, it's a one shot kill.

    As a new player, these guides are useful for teaching the basic mechanics but beyond that, the only way to get competent is to play play play and learn by your mistakes. It's a long and often frustrating process because you're having to learn about the majority who already know it. The root problem is that there aren't many new players coming into the game now.

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